Awakening Consciousness

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Hello Beautiful Soul! Thank you so much for stopping by, welcome. In this space we live without limitations or bounds, judgments or prejudices, in our truth and in complete surrender with what aligns with our souls.

Most of our conversations are about the metaphysical, spiritual alchemy, dream manifesting, balancing the divine feminine & masculine, ego, conscious awakening, holistic healing and what sets our soul on fire. We do not subscribe to any particular religion, text or way. This journey is personal to each one who takes it, there is no right or wrong way to go about it, even though we may each be at a different stage of awareness in consciousness no one here is more advanced than the other, each of us are exactly where we need to be, so please just BE. 

If you ever feel like you have reached a road block on your journey and you would like additional support, I am Fredricka, a catalyst, healer, lightworker, sacred circle facilitator and a certified life coach, I would love to support you, we are ONE.

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